the Confrontation between local residents and workers on the construction of the loading station and coal mine “Kuznetsk South” appeared in Novokuznetsk district of Kemerovo region. As the correspondent of “Rosbalt” eyewitness Alex Chispiyakov, against the construction of the station was made by the inhabitants of the villages Ceresa, Bezrukovo, and power plants.

Fears of the inhabitants is the inevitability of environmental contamination — dust, which will scatter around the area during loading of coal. In this regard, they need to stop construction.

June 14, local residents blocked the movement of construction equipment, demanded to present all documents for the construction work. Such documents the coal miners were not, and they retreated.

From that day the villagers put up round-the-clock posts to prevent the arrival of the technicians of the developer. They “resist” the guards exhibited coal mining companies.

the Conflict situation in the region is called the “Kuzbass Chiesa”, drawing Parallels with the history of confrontation between residents of the Arkhangelsk region with the initiators of construction of the landfill at the station Sees.

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