One of the targets, a railway infrastructure, located in this district in the south-east of kyiv, 10 km from the city center, is prohibited from access.

Russia claimed on Sunday it destroyed armored vehicles supplied to Ukraine by Eastern European countries that were in the hangars of a railcar repair company in airstrikes on kyiv.

In kyiv, the army has installed a security corridor. The firefighters who intervened stopped their operations around 9 a.m. local time (0600 GMT), the fire was extinguished.

“I heard about six explosions at 5:57 in the morning,” Natalia told AFP. Former employee of the bombed site, she refuses to give her surname like the other witnesses interviewed by AFP on the spot because it is forbidden to divulge information on the sites affected ten hours after the explosion.

According to initial information, the explosions did not cause any deaths. One injured person was hospitalized, Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko announced on Telegram.

A 10-story pink building had all its windows smashed. Not far away, a woman cleans broken glass in the street in front of a cultural center whose windows were also blown by the explosions.

– It may “come back” –

Léonid, 63, also worked on the bombed site for 45 years. “There’s nothing military in there, but they bomb everything!” he protested.

He says he is not afraid for himself because he has “lived his life”, but he is worried about his grandchildren. “We don’t know if it will come back, it’s unpredictable”.

The noose loosened on the Ukrainian capital at the end of March, as Russian troops withdrew from the kyiv region and northern Ukraine to concentrate their efforts on the Donbass, in the east of the country, partly controlled since 2014 by pro-Russian separatists backed by Moscow.

Nearly two-thirds of the 3.5 million inhabitants of kyiv have returned to the capital which had been emptied of the majority of its inhabitants at the start of the Russian invasion on February 24, Vitali Klitschko had indicated on May 10. last.

Western embassies that evacuated the capital at the start of the war have also resumed their activities in Kyiv.

However, the mayor of kyiv stressed that the authorities could not give security guarantees and several Ukrainian officials stressed that Russia has not given up on the ambition to take kyiv.

The capital was last hit on April 28, the day of UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres’ visit.

– “people are scared” –

On her balcony, a hundred meters from the explosion, Tetiana, 58, shows the many broken windows on her white brick building.

She lives in Poland and came to kyiv for births in her entourage. When the explosions were heard, everyone went outside, she said.

According to the Ukrainian air force, several cruise missiles were fired at dawn on Sunday in the direction of kyiv by Russian TU-95 planes based in the Caspian Sea, one of which was destroyed.

Not far away, an apartment was also damaged with numerous broken windows.

Vassyl, 43, lives there. He brings back two white loaves in a plastic bag.

“People are scared now,” he breathes.