Disney will not stop. After the remake of the Lion King, of Aladdin , of the Jungle Book or beauty and the Beasts this is another of his classics, which is adapted for the big screen: lady and The Tramp according to Disney 23. Only difference with his predecessors, he will be released only on Disney + on 12 November, the day of the launch of the platform in the United States.

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Made in actual shooting, the film puts in scene the dogs Rose and Ascended, who will perform Beautiful and Tramp. All dogs present in the image, in which the pair of heroes, have been saved from abandonment by the team and adopted at the end of the shoot. Tessa Thompson and Justine Theroux will lend their voices to the most hairy of the duos.

Overdose of remakes for the spectators

Is this adaptation too for the fans that would like the firm to stop recycling the classics and focus on new original stories and new cartoons? The irritation can understand. From Alice in wonderland released in 2010, Disney is in its ninth remake, including three in 2019 without counting The lady and the Tramp expected in November.

“You remember when you were doing the cartoons? I miss it,” explains the surfer.

“When is it that the guys are going to do something original or at least make a live action that fans have been demanding for 10 years? treasure Planet and Atlantis would be in gold bars if they were successful,” suggests the other.

This excitement does not prevent the spectators to fill the cinemas at the output of one of these remakes. The Lion King dominates the box office, pocketing $ 1.3 billion in the world, and saving 7, 9 million euros in france in excess of Avengers: Endgame at the box-office French.

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Disney + has the ambition of coming to directly compete with Netflix. And with the remake (yet another) of Mom I missed the plane , a Star Wars series called The e Mandalorian , the catalogue of Marvel, Lucas Films, Fox, and the different series provided in 2020, the firm’s big-eared will be an opponent very dangerous for the streaming platform, installed since 2007.

the Start of the fight on November 12, the United States and the beginning of 2020 in Europe.