Laeticia Hallyday can it do to ban a show that pays tribute to her husband, who disappeared? According to Paris, the widow would have asked its lawyers to look at whether legal action was possible against the spectacle, The Idol of young people. The production, tracing the career of the singer is scheduled at the Casino de Paris in December 2019.

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“We don’t endorse this show, said Sebastien Farran, manager of Johnny at Paris . And because we do not know its content.” “The production never came into contact with us”, said the one who looked after the career of Johnny Hallyday since 2012. For the old manager, the show would be a legal problem ; according to the will california, Laeticia Hallyday, and she alone, has inherited the moral right to manage the work of her former husband.

The widow may it oppose the creation of this show? “I don’t know if we have the possibility”, concedes Sébastien Farran. According to the daily, Laeticia Hallyday has used his lawyers to consider possible legal action, which could result in a notice for the show due to fraudulent use of a trade mark. “Johnny Hallyday is a commercial brand, it can not use like this”, judge Sébastien Farran.

The use of the trademark “Johnny Hallyday”

Problem: The Idol of the young does not refer explicitly to Johnny Hallyday. “The fact of not to name it in a show that recounts the story of his life does not mean that one does not use the mark,” explains Sébastien Farran.

In the short interview he gives to the Paris, producer David Michel, the producer takes care not to pronounce the name of the singer, merely to call him “Johnny H” . “The legal department of the Lagardère group, the owner of the Casino de Paris, is, of course, ensured that everything was in order before we rent the room to the best period of the year,” he says, adding that he is “ready to meet [Sébastien Farran] to reassure”.

David Michel has to his credit the show Hit Parade in 2017, a concert where one saw on the stage with great singers missing projected by hologram. And this new production does not seem to worry about more than that . “There are more than forty performances on Johnny, argues David Michel. Our tribute is not different from the other on the bottom.” Has a difference: The Idol of the young , if it is maintained, should be the biggest event in tribute to the singer ; the Casino de Paris, displaying a capacity of approximately 1500 seats.