Yesterday evening late, the american judge of the superior Court of Los Angeles has decided, and offered a great victory to David Hallyday and Laura Smet in the conflict between their mother-in-law. The american judge has taken three key decisions. He is now banned for the moment, Laeticia Hallyday to transfer the assets of Johnny Hallyday in the JPS Trust (Jean-Philippe Smet Trust). He does not want to interfere with the French court, and specifies that it should apply to these for any financial issue. Finally, it has accepted the application for the establishment of a “hearing” by the american lawyers of David Hallyday for February 4, 2020. This will not necessarily be a “hearing” per se but rather an update. The idea is to give yourself time to see where is the folder.

“This is not a final refusal,” stresses Master Arnaud Albou, lawyer, Laeticia Hallyday who had pleaded the urgency of return the assets in the trust to allow …

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