Lakhova complained to Putin on ice cream

the head of the Union of women of Russia Ekaterina Lakhova has complained to Russian President Vladimir Putin for ice cream “rainbow”. In her opinion, this ice cream has “is the LGBT community”.

the Complaint Lakhov was made at the meeting of Putin with the working group on preparation of proposals on introducing amendments to the Constitution. Lakhova believes that ice cream rainbow “makes our kids to get used to the color and the flag that hung on the Embassy” (we are talking about the rainbow flag at the U.S. Embassy in Moscow — approx. ed.). The flag was hanged there on June 25 the Day of the rainbow flag.

Note that in comments to the news about the complaint Lakhov users have proposed to ban the rainbow itself, to ban the word “rainbow” in all children’s books “urgently to paint the rainbow black color” to ban colors, especially blue, to prohibit the tale “Tsvetik-Semitsvetik” and the like. Many write that buy myself and ice cream for children “rainbow” and they will never even in a head did not come to associate it with LGBT people. Also raises issues that he thinks Lakhova, for example, the painting “Three heroes”.

Putin in response to the speech Lakhov noted that in Russia there is a ban on propaganda of homosexuality among nesovershennoletnih. “Let people grow up, become an adult and will decide their own destiny. To impose just does not need anything, what we are against,” said he. Putin also pointed out that those who accuse Russia of violations of the rights of sexual minorities, “just crammed into the closed door.” He recalled that in several countries, including in several US States, criminal prosecution of people with sexual orientation and in some States it is even the death penalty.

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