The landslide, carrying mud and boulders, buried Thursday in the state of Manipur a camp housing workers and army reservists who worked on a railway site.

In the hours following the disaster, rescue teams were able to locate 18 survivors.

On Sunday, army spokesman Angom Bobin Singh said 28 people were still missing before later announcing the discovery of three bodies.

Search operations are continuing “despite adverse weather conditions” due to “heavy showers and new landslides”, Singh added.

This remote mountainous region, covered in dense forests, has been hit in recent weeks by heavy downpours that have caused landslides and flooding.

In early June, dozens of people died in floods that submerged homes.

India’s northeast has poor road and rail infrastructure but in recent years the government has launched ambitious infrastructure construction projects to catch up with China’s level of development in this area of ​​l other side of the border.

Experts say climate change is increasing the number of extreme weather events around the world, including in India where dams, deforestation and development projects are contributing to disasters with worsening human tolls.