Mr. Larcher asks in an interview with Le Parisien for a “profound change of attitude” from President Emmanuel Macron, given his political record and the “historic defeat” of his camp.

According to him, Emmanuel Macron’s “political record” “is the result of the verticality of his governance” and demonstrates “the limits of at the same time: 72 LFI deputies and 89 for the RN”. He believes that “the Republican front has disappeared”.

The country “risks being difficult to govern”, and “for my part, I want dialogue in the interest of France”, he underlines. On the LR side, “we are clearly in the opposition”, (…) but our line of conduct is the interest of France and the French”.

Should we work with the future RN group at the Assembly? “We do not have the same history and do not share the same values, but they are elected representatives of the Republic”, answers Mr. Larcher.

“There is a regulation in the National Assembly which says that the chairman of the Finance Committee must come from the opposition. However, I note that the RN is the first opposition group. So it should come back to him “, he adds.

This declaration aroused the anger of the first secretary of the PS Olivier Faure on Twitter: “all the rights, from LREM to LR (…) will therefore mix their voices with the far right to grant the RN the Finance Committee”, he was indignant.

“By destroying the Republican front, they are opening the door to a future victory for the RN. Defeat and dishonour,” he continued, saying he was “properly disgusted by all these people from LR, LREM or the MoDem, who have been participating with ardor in the trivialization of the extreme right for a few days”.

And he recalls that if he has “assumed differences” with the Insoumis, he will “never accept that we can put on the same level the RN which advocates the institutionalization of discrimination with the FI (France Insoumise) which defends the realization for all of the republican promise”.

“The anti-republican front is on the move…!”, also tweeted MP LFI Clémentine Autain.

While the head of state on Tuesday refused the resignation of Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne, Mr. Larcher believes that she “is not responsible for the defeat, it is the president”. “A profound change of attitude is necessary” on his part, he insists.

As for dissolving the Assembly, “he has the prerogative but the sovereign people have just decided. We must be wary of dissolutions of comfort”.

Now “it’s up to him (Emmanuel Macron) to make proposals,” said Mr. Larcher, noting that meeting party leaders as the head of state did on Tuesday “should be a habit”.

At a time when the president of the Republicans Christian Jacob is preparing to leave his post, Gérard Larcher also judges that the party can “find a political space between a macronism which has just failed and the two extremes”.