Launched in the United States Dr. Malysheva said that Russia experienced the outbreak of coronavirus and the second wave will not be

a well-Known doctor and TV presenter Elena Malysheva believes that the second wave of coronavirus Russia hardly threatened.

According to her, Russia has already passed the outbreak of coronavirus. In his Instagram, doctor of medical Sciences said that the country’s growing number of tests on СOVID-19.

She also said that more and more physicians are called not as contagious as previously thought. The presenter said that a person with the rhinovirus infects on average six people and infected with a coronavirus — two-three.

Malysheva, flown previously on vacation in the US, where she, according to FBK Alexei Navalny, is a mansion and two apartments, added that in America “still has not lifted the quarantine measures,” “in Moscow everything is open, but in new York everything is closed”.

Earlier, a doctor was called coronavirus infection “miraculously wonderful” due to the fact that COVID-19 children die.

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