This is without doubt the tandem burlesque the world’s most famous: their names are inseparable serve as the reference to all the antitheses and physical temperament, the lean quite a whimsical, big chubby more prosaic, but both capable of compete fantasy of madness and buffoonery trivial. Even for those who have not seen their films, “Lorèléardi” have a seed it is legendary as a figure of style.

The English Stan Laurel made his debut at 16 years of age, in 1906 at the music hall in Glasgow. Born Arthur Stanley Jefferson on 16 August 1890 in a family of actors, he was engaged in 1908 in the troupe of Fred Karno dontArthur Stanley Jefferson is the star: Jefferson serves as a lining, and this is how they leave together for the United States. In 1912, the tour of the troupe is interrupted when Charlot is committed to the cinema, and the future Laurel from his side to seek their fortune in Hollywood. It rotates in 1917 his first film notable Nuts in May and takes the pseudonym of Stan Laurel. …

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