Lawyer about multi-day elections, Increasing the possibility of fraud

the Idea of holding a multi-day elections, the authoritarian regime seeks to retain power and artificially create conditions for fraud, says doctor of law, specialist in constitutional law Elena Lukyanova.

According to her, voting on amendments to the Constitution showed that the conduct of the elections in the period of the pandemic is impossible: in polling stations and outside.

“All elections in this case should be delayed. Now we are seeing a surge of statistics of the coronavirus,” said the lawyer to the correspondent of “Rosbalt”.

As she noted, in the current socio-political context of a new amendment about multi-day voting can be seen clearly as an attempt to reduce control and increase the potential for fraud.

“It’s summing-up under the desired result, create the conditions artificially. An authoritarian regime trying to keep its power,” — said Lukyanov.

According to her, after the plebiscite on the amendments, the population is conventionally divided in half — those who understand what is happening in the country and no. The first will continue to educate the second, and over time the majority of Russians will be able to adequately assess the government’s actions, concluded the lawyer.

we Remind that on 15 July the state Duma adopted the draft law on elections. CEC may be entitled to vote for up to three days, including outside the premises of polling stations. The new rules may affect the Federal parliamentary elections in 2021.

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