Lawyer: After an accident Efremov from experience I have lost 6 kg

Security actor Mikhail Yefremov staged a “drunk” road accident in the centre of Moscow, phoned to the brother of the victim Valery Zakharov.

According to lawyer Elman Pashayev, unfortunately, to agree to the parties about anything failed. Currently most of Ephraim questioned once to establish details of the accident at Smolensk square, reports channel “Moscow 24”.

Pashayev said that his client feels very bad and due to experiences lost 6 kg.

Earlier, the protection of the family of the deceased driver said that, despite all the statements of the lawyer Efremova, no they didn’t.

the Actor Yefremov made a fatal accident on the evening of 8 June in the area of Smolenskaya square. Behind the wheel of his jeep, he in the opposite lane rammed the van. The driver of the car died in hospital. Currently, the actor is under house arrest.

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