Lawyer: Efremov declared not guilty in deadly crash

the Actor Mikhail Efremov, dead drunk behind the wheel of his jeep and staged a road accident, has declared his innocence in the accident, which killed people. About this informed the lawyer of the artist Elman Pashayev, TV channel “Moscow 24”.

the lawyer refused to explain this position in more detail, stating that “it is premature”. “That is the crime he did not commit”, — said Pashayev.

“Mikhail Olegovich, when informed said, “I want to compensate,” not to compensate, and “willing to pay”, because the accident involved his car”, — explained the lawyer.

Earlier today the representative of Ephraim said that he is in a depressed state, and that he had aggravated the “many ills”.

Recall that on June 8, the house 3, Smolenskaya square, the actor Mikhail Efremov on the jeep crossed the double line and crashed into a van Sergei Zakharov, who later died in hospital. Currently Efremov is under house arrest.

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