Lawyer Ephraim called fake a video conversation the actor with the COP

Staged a fatal accident in Central Moscow, the actor Mikhail Efremov was not offered bribes after the accident. This was reported by his lawyer Elman Pashayev, adding that the video with the voice of a drunken man offering the money, is a fake.

“If untrue, would long ago have brought. You know how the technique developed, my voice you can say anything, and the video on the spot was removed, sold and then made a fake”, — told RIA “news” the lawyer, commenting on the video about the bribe.

Earlier Pashayev called the video hype, stressing that the Ephraim in the time of the accident weren’t thinking straight.

yesterday in the program “60 minutes” on TV channel “Russia-1” has a video in which traffic police officer fills in the Protocol, but behind the scenes, presumably Ephraim said: “Let me go, and then pay you all the money.”

Recall that on the evening of June 8, Efremov drove into the oncoming lane on the Garden ring and collided with a van. The driver of the van died in hospital. In the blood of Ephraim found traces of alcohol and drugs.

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