Lawyer Ephraim explained his statement about the

the Lawyer of the actor Mikhail Yefremov Elman Pashayev commented on your words that the actor is willing to adopt children who died in the crash of Sergey Zakharov to provide them a decent life.

According to him, it meant that Efremov ready financially to take care of the children of the deceased as “very concerned and wants to help”.

the Defender said that did not mean adoption in the literal sense: “Not in the sense that to adopt the documents.” “But he can do more to them than father, not because he was a bad father, but because he has more opportunities”, — told RIA “news” the lawyer.

he has Previously stated that the compensation the family of the deceased can be 1-1,5 million rubles.

Recall that Yefremov staged a “drunk” accident June 8 at the house № 3 on Smolensk square. The actor on his jeep crossed the double line and crashed into a van Sergei Zakharov, who later died in hospital.

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