Lawyer, historian Sokolov accused the media of hounding his client

In the city court of Petersburg on 26 may decide whether to leave in jail accused in the murder of PhD student Oleg Sokolov. Lawyer Alexander Pochuev has decided to expand the agenda of the meeting and at the same time accused the media of bullying.

According to him, in a lower court on March 27 had been violated the principles of openness and transparency. Defender perplexed how were the selected media, which was present at the meeting.

“the Lawyer told the judge of the St.-Petersburg city court that the media present were video and text Protocol, meaning, apparently, broadcast. Pachev said that he had the lawyer’s examination of broadcasting, believes that there are violations and bias”, — told the United press service of the courts.

the Defender presented a minute-by-minute analysis of where media broadcasts hounded him and Sokolov, and even asked the judge to watch. The Prosecutor protested and said that the arguments Pochueva irrelevant to the case. The judge agreed and refused to file the complaint.

Recall, at this meeting, the court of appeal decided that the presence of the historian in jail lawfully and reasonably. Ex-teacher of St. Petersburg state University will stay in custody at least until September 23. Meanwhile, access to the judiciary is prohibited due to restrictions associated with a new type of coronavirus.

According to investigators, Oleg Sokolov killed student Anastasia Eschenko, with whom he had a romantic relationship. The girl’s body he dismembered and tried to drown it in the Sink, however, evidence surfaced, and Sokolov sent under custody. The historian has been charged with murder and illegal possession of weapons.

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