Lawyer, historian Sokolov said that threatens the wife of the deceased rapper Cartwright

the Wife of rapper Andy Cartwright’s unlikely to go to jail, says lawyer Sergei Lukyanov, protects the historian Oleg Sokolov. As the lawyer said “Fontanka”, the case was filed “in fact” and not based on the guilt of his wife.

“to detain unlikely to succeed, because you must prove to the court the reasonableness of the suspicion of involvement in the murder. The consequence has put forward to refute her version,” — said Lukyanov.

As the lawyer added, it is impossible to apply other formulations of the Criminal code to the situation with the girl. “Concealment of crimes” admissible in the murder of strangers, and the “desecration of the dead” implies intent on the abuse, said Lukyanov.

“to prosecute for dismemberment, if her version is true, too, will fail. Dismember, of course, wrong, but an independent crime it does not form”, — concluded the lawyer.

Earlier in St. Petersburg found the body of a rapper, party Battle Versus Andy Cartwright. According to the lawyer wife of the deceased, he died of a drug overdose, the wife of the same husband dismembered and hid. The girl is motivated by the fact that I didn’t want to rapper “inglorious death” and so he “simply disappear.” A criminal case under article “murder”.