Lawyer: In Dagestan, a voter said that he had already voted, and was taken to the police

In Dagestan voters on the site said that he has already voted on amendments to the Constitution, said the lawyer Arsen Magomedov. As stated by the lawyer to the correspondent of “Rosbalt”, now he intends to deal with the incident.

According to Arsen Magomedov, he telephoned a friend named Haidar. “He calls me yesterday afternoon and said: do not give me a ballot and say that I already voted, though it is not. I told him: well, then put it on the video itself, the site, members of the election Commission and send me the video. We will investigate. 40-50 minutes later he told me that the police took it. Come nightfall, he texted me that he was released from the police Department,” — said the lawyer.

Magomedov said that has not yet disclose all the personal information of the acquaintance. According to his story, the incident occurred in the Tsumada district. On Monday evening they agreed to meet to clarify the details and decide what to do next.

Arsen Magomedov said that history is already interested in the electoral Commission of Dagestan, where called, for details.

on June 21 in remote and inaccessible areas of Dagestan was launched early voting on the question of the adoption of amendments to the Constitution. Early voting takes place in 106 polling stations in Akhvakh, Botlikh, Gergebil, Gumbetovskogo, gunibskogo, Rutul, Untsukul, Tsumada, Shamil areas.

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