Lawyer: Online meeting is not a public mass event that is admitted by law enforcement officers

the actions of the Kazan journalist Guzel Imameev who posted the announcement online meeting, no violations of the laws on the organization of mass events, the head of legal service “the apology of protest,” Alexei Glukhov. As stated by the expert to the correspondent “of Rosbalt”, it is understood by the law enforcement officers who are checking the actions of the journalist.

“Initially, the Prosecutor’s office began checking on the officers report from the Centre for combating extremism, who believed that the online demonstrations illegal. But the Prosecutor’s office has decided to abandon verification. When it saw the announcement of the denial of the coronavirus. It was written that the residents of Tatarstan fear not in front of coronavirus, and for his life, and so on. The Prosecutor did not rule out that this is a fake information, but not fully decided. Therefore, control is conducted to ascertain whether the announcement of signs of article 13.15 of the administrative code of the Russian Federation (Abuse of freedom of mass information). But the initiation of the case yet: the prosecution is not yet ready to decide, whether it is to prove that the announcement of the meeting contained fake information about the coronavirus,” — said Alexei Glukhov.

the Lawyer stated that the refusal of the Prosecutor to accuse the journalist of violating the rules of coordination of public events once again shows that online meetings is in any case not “public mass event”.

“Online-meetings is the “island of freedom”. Any notifications submitted do not,” said Alexei Glukhov.

Recall that the prosecution called to testify the resident of Kazan, a journalist Guzel Imameev. Check for accommodation information on the Internet about the online rally on may 1. The online meeting was devoted to the theme of the speeches against the extension of the “regime of isolation”.

After Imameev posted in social networks information about the online event, came to her employees police Center to combat extremism and brought the warning explains the procedure for notification of upcoming meetings.

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