Lawyer: the Russians can get a mortgage break twice

the Citizens of Russia have the right to mortgage the vacation twice. This TV channel “Saint Petersburg” said the lawyer and financial consultant Elena Feoktistova.

the Lawyer also reminded about the difference between the two types of mortgage holidays — pre-pandemic and now.

Mortgage vacation, which operated from 2019, assume greater opportunities in the case of their provision. It is not only the loss or reduction of income, but also the loss of a breadwinner, disability, illness. Mortgage amount of up to 15 million rubles, and it must be a single loan contract.

“Mortgage holiday proposed by the President of Russia this year, apply only in the case of reducing income by 30%. An important condition is that the mortgage must be executed before April 3 this year”, — the expert explains.

in addition, according to law 2020 mortgage vacation will give in the case that the full value of the loan does not exceed 4 million roubles in Moscow, 3 million — in St. Petersburg and in the far East, 2 million in the other regions of Russia.

In the first place Feoktistova advised to take mortgage holidays last sample, and after their expiry, the deferred under previous rules.

According to the lawyer, to get a mortgage vacation, must submit an application, to provide a statement of accounts and wait for the approval within five days. However, the Bank may request other documents such as income certificate, the entry in the register as unemployed or sick leave.

Earlier, the “Rosbalt” wrote that in Russia increased defaults on the mortgage.

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