Lawyers will help the Russians, who are forced to vote for amendments to the Constitution

human rights project “apologia protest” has launched a special “Right of choice”, in which will be able to get legal support to the Russians, faced with violations of their rights at preparation and holding of voting on amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation.

the head of the “Apology of the protest,” Alexei Glukhov comments in the “Rosbalt” stated that the human rights activists have reason to fear massive violations of freedoms during the “plebiscite”.

“All the rhetoric of the authorities is to ensure that the campaign against the impossible, to hold a peaceful protest — not, to give publicity to the unpleasant aspects of preparation for the voting day — also impossible. And anyone who tries to violate these unwritten rules, no doubt waiting for prosecution. We have already seen on a night visit to the correspondent of TV channel “Rain”, the refusal to approve the rally on June 27 detained in Perm for putting up flyers and much more,” said the lawyer.

“apology of protest” announced its readiness to provide legal support to all who are faced with the pressure during the preparation or conduct of the nationwide vote.

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