the First time since the start of the pandemic face-to-face summit of European Union leaders was almost a failure because of the position of a small “lean countries”. Negotiations in which participants tried to agree on a plan to stimulate the economy of 1.8 trillion euros, stalled for three days, informs Reuters.

One side won less affected by coronariana States: the Netherlands, Austria, Denmark, Sweden and joined him at the summit, Finland. They were opposed by “debt-ridden” Greece and Italy, whose economies, “was in a free fall” and has been seriously affected by the outbreak of the coronavirus Spain. The locomotives of the EU — France and Germany closer was the position of Athens, Rome and Madrid.

the EU wants to create a Fund for the economic recovery to 750 billion euros, of which subsidised from the budget of member countries should, in the opinion of Paris and Berlin, 500 billion euros or even 400. “Grasping” of the country until Monday insisted that 350 billion of the Debate was so hot that in the night of July 20, French President Emmanuel macron slammed his fist on the table, being angry soprotivlenie “five frugal”.

In the end, politicians agreed to extend the talks by one day, and the amount of subsidies, according to preliminary data, reduced to 390 billion euros.

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