About 78 percent of the children, which was repeatedly read aloud in the week, or daily, the learn to read easily. These are the findings of the reading study in 2018. In the case of other children, according to their parents significantly less often (50 percent). If you ask the children themselves, even frustrated, more than half of elementary school students with little reading experience, because the learning of reading takes too long (52 percent), compared to only 28 percent of those who regularly read them.

The reading of this study, as the nationwide reading day on November 16. November, a joint project of Stiftung lesen, THE TIME and the Deutsche Bahn Foundation.

“read is no child’s play to learn”, says Antje Neubauer, the head of the Board of education of the Deutsche Bahn Foundation. “Read the best of circumstances, and so children are up to the task in the elementary school. Already 15 minutes a day are enough. To this end, we call on all parents.” Were asked the children, what are the extracurricular offerings to encourage reading, they know in their schools. Nationwide, nearly one in every four elementary school students (23 percent) could name no corresponding feature neither libraries or shelves, where you can borrow books, reading corners, or book-AGs.

On the question of what makes school fun, call 57 percent of the children to read. More practical content, such as nature/environment (77 percent) and do Research to Tinker/experiment (67%) or Paint/sports/movement (both 61 percent).

The read-aloud study will be conducted once a year since 2007. 2018 the field Institute iconkids & Youth from the 11. June to 15. July 500 children of classes 1 to 4 and their parents personally in their households were interviewed. The results are therefore representative for these target groups.