Of the guitars, as if it was raining, but also pianos, brass, and batteries that have made the sound of rock’n’roll in the expert hands of the greatest, are exhibited at the Metropolitan Museum in New York from Monday. The exhibition, which will last until the 1st of October, has wanted to present these objects become legendary as “vectors of artistic innovation,” said Max Hollein, director of the Met, in front of the press.

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“The instruments are among the objects most personal that we can associate with the musicians, but, as viewers, we never saw that from very far away, on a stage, during a concert”, pointed out Jayson Kerr Dobney, curator of the exhibition. This presentation will offer a rare opportunity to closely examine some of the objects most emblematic of the rock”, he argued.

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To put it on foot, the new york institution has relied on its partnership with the pantheon of the rock, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, located in Cleveland (Ohio, north-east), and who has a fund. It has also benefited from loans of musicians, interested in the vision of the Met, but also, more surprisingly, often fascinated by the museum itself.

Famous interpreter of the tube The Joker at the head of the Steve Miller Band, the american singer Steve Miller has praised the work of the commissioners, who have “broken with years of nonsense, which aimed to trivialize these instruments”. He told journalists he was “flabbergasted by the power, elegance and intelligence” of the exhibition, to which he has lent several guitars. The exhibition also features six-string – maybe even twelve in the case of the double sleeve of Don Felder of the Eagles, which once belonged to Chuck Berry, Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan, Joan Jett and Elvis Presley.

“I was ready to pay anything for this exposure pathway the day” The guitar “Number One” from Jimmy Page is exposed to PUTS the time of the exhibition. DON EMMERT/AFP

visitors will be able to dive into the world referred to by these instruments through a screen, which projects a few solos of anthology, of Prince in particular, or enclosures that accompany musically the visit. The museum, bordering Central Park on Fifth avenue, has also included a few stage costumes and many of the posters together to create a mood.

“I never would have dreamed of finding myself here, even when I was a child,” said the guitarist of the british band Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Page, who has yet acceded to the glory there are more than four decades. “I was ready to pay anything for this exposure pathway in the day”, he assured.

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In total, the Met presents 185 rooms, of which more than 130 instruments, which span the period from 1939 to 2017. If the arts known as minor do that gradually their entrance into the great museums of the world, the Met has for a long time a major collection of musical instruments from the five continents. It includes a series of four trumpets, pre-columbian Peru ceramics dated from the Third century before our era.

“rock’ n ‘roll has long been a circle of male”

The exhibition had initially been the subject of criticism at the announcement of the first list of artists represented, who included only one woman, the rocker St. Vincent, among the more than 80 names. But the result is much more balanced at the finish, including Joni Mitchell, Joan Jett, Patti Smith or Lady Gaga, whose piano futuristic throne in the middle of the exhibition. “Rock’ n ‘ roll has long been a circle the male,” wrote Jayson Kerr Dobney in the catalogue of the exhibition. “During the 1950s and 1960s, and even beyond, the presence of women in rock bands are limited to voice, which is why they are under-represented in these pages.”