Lee Fields at St. Eustache… It was immediately at the head of the cult scene of the Blues Brothers where James Brown, priest and charismatic dancing, reveals the light to the two thugs, sympathetic, Jake and Elwood Blues. If it was necessary to remake the film, Lee Fields could no doubt find its place today.

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believing shouldered, his presence in a church seems in any case as a no-brainer. And even more, so that Our-Lady of Paris, a few steps, nearly collapsing under the flames. “I am a simple faithful who is trying to spread the message of God through music”, says modestly, this native of North Carolina. It Rains Love (Big Crown) , his new album released at the beginning of the month, is here to remind you: Lee Fields has never cut the umbilical cord between gospel songs and soul, the groove, lost in his book, since he chose to become a musician in the late 1960s.

● Lee Fields & The Expressions, It Rains Love

It was in 2008 that the man has resurfaced, buoyed by the return on the front of the stage a soul classic and the global success of Amy Winehouse. Part find, in the depths of these roots the sap is essential to his resurrection, this reborn soul had found Lee Fields, kept intact in the mothballs when others like James Brown, Donny Hathaway and Bobby Womack had disappeared. Yes, everything was there, and one wonders how anyone had been able to forget it.

A career in the independent

When Lee Fields took the stage, there’s this incredible ease, power, and classicism friendly symbolized by its jackets with sequins that mark the image of the artist. The man they call Little JB was cleared at the time by the stature of the godfather of soul despite similar power and a likeness of notable style. But in making the brave choice to want to keep his independence from the major labels, Lee Fields has remained on the sidelines.

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He released the singles, almost under the mantle between 1969 and 1974, such as Bewildered or Funky Screw , that any lover of the genre should have listened a time in his life. Then an album in 1979, Let’s Talk It Over , self-produced and reissued by the label Truth & Soul and in part, to the origin of its revival.

Since then, Lee Fields produced a more soulful and controlled, thanks to his training. The Expressions , has found a sound that fits perfectly to his voice, roque, aggressive in the treble and still damn catchy. His optimism remains unwavering. What is the best cure good vibrations of the moment.

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