They are from different camps but their speeches in the wake of their defeats are similar. The same words are repeated: “sadness”, “disappointment” and “concern”. They suffered, this Sunday, more or less large defeats, not always expected. The first round of the legislative elections reserved several surprises which they would have blithely passed. Review of the big losers of the first round.

He was presented, for a time, as a potential future Prime Minister. It was said of the former Minister of Education that he was the darling of the President, Emmanuel Macron. Criticized for the repeated hiccups in the implementation of the sanitary system at school, Jean-Michel Blanquer had not been renewed by Élisabeth Borne upon his arrival at Matignon. Parachuted into a territory he knew little about, he was eliminated in the first round in the fourth constituency of Loiret, finishing third with 18.86%.

At the microphone of BFM TV, he regretted a difficult campaign where he was attacked and tarred by two teachers. “I failed by few votes, 189, in a campaign full of incidents”. Above all, Blanquer is considering an appeal: “The opponent who came before me multiplied the irregularities, including legal ones, so I reserve a dispute on this level.”

He saw himself as President of the Republic and then as a deputy. The year 2022 will have reserved for the former journalist of Figaro, Eric Zemmour, a series of electoral setbacks. The president of the Reconquest party came in third position with a high but not sufficient score: 23.19%. In the 4th constituency of Var, he was overtaken by his opponent from the National Rally and that of the coalition on the left, Nupes.

“The results are not up to our expectations but we have just put up a flag in each constituency in France”, tried to convince the defeated candidate, a few minutes after the announcement of the results. Reconquest will therefore have no deputy, not even its founding polemic. Guillaume Peltier, the other national figure of the party, did not manage to do better than Eric Zemmour.

He learned of his defeat live on the set of TF1. He was commenting on the results on a national scale when the management of the first channel launched the magneto recording its defeat in the 2nd district of Loir-et-Cher. He is eliminated in the first round.

Deputy since 2017, Guillaume Peltier had gone from the Republicans to Reconquest, in January, in the middle of the presidential campaign. His rallying was not crowned with success as he finished fifth. “We had anticipated it. I chose the panache of convictions rather than the comfort of a career. I could have stayed with the LRs and won this constituency,” he eluded.

505 votes from second place. Member of the 1st constituency of Yonne since 2012, the outgoing failed in the third step by obtaining 22.61% of the votes cast. He had repeatedly called for a rapprochement between his political family, the Republicans, and La République en Marche.

“I leave the National Assembly today, with sadness, since this is the choice of the voters of our constituency”, he commented on Twitter after the results, promising that the defeat did not call into question his political commitment. .

It’s another outgoing outgoing. The deputy for the 5th constituency of Vaucluse came in fourth position with 16.63% of the vote. This Sunday, he did not hide his disappointment. “I always thought that work paid, that ideas paid” while pointing out: “I did politics as I thought we had to do”. This defeat sounds the death knell for his political career since he says he wants to focus on “his personal development”. In the duel that awaits voters in his constituency between Together and Nupes, he refused to share a voting instruction.