“When Jean-Luc Mélenchon claims to want to be Prime Minister, he is above all the first liar”, declared the head of government, according to several participants.

According to Ms. Borne, the leader of the united left, gathered under the Nupes banner, “lies about the results of her camp by inflating the figures to make the headlines at 8 p.m.”.

Mr. Mélenchon had actually proclaimed Sunday evening, at the end of the first round of the legislative elections, that Nupes came “in the lead” and would be “present in more than 500 constituencies in the second round”.

However, according to the tallies of the Ministry of the Interior, disputed by the Nupes, the united left would be outdistanced by some 21,000 votes by the Macron camp. And the Nupes climbed to the second round in 357 constituencies according to an AFP count.

“As of yesterday, Jean-Luc Mélenchon again showed his worst failings: when he is not in the lead, he accuses the figures”, further stormed Ms. Borne, believing that “when you lie to the French at this point, you don’t respect them.”

“When we are ready for all the untruths and all the compromises to achieve power, we cannot let it go,” she further urged.

The Prime Minister, who was speaking from Calvados where she is herself campaigning, in front of more than 250 connected candidates, also claimed that Mr. Mélenchon was lying about the program of the Macronist candidates, “by insinuating everywhere that we would like to increase VAT”.

“Our program is clear: not one more tax. It’s ironic from someone who wants to create 30 new taxes and 35 new bans,” she said.

“He lies so much that he comes to contradict himself, able to explain at the same time that the police kill and that he is not anti-cop”, she insisted.

“Jean-Luc Mélenchon wants to blow everything up: taxes, disorder and the Republic”, hammered Ms. Borne again.

The Prime Minister also invited the candidates to go “to seek all the votes, to speak to all the voters and in particular the left-wing voters attached to Republican values ​​and who do not recognize themselves in this excessive flight.”

She also asked everyone to organize “a public meeting on Wednesday”, as part of a national mobilization operation.