The head of state, in kyiv then Irpin with the German chancellor Olaf Scholz and the head of the Italian government Mario Draghi, will be interviewed from the Ukrainian capital in the 8:00 p.m. news of TF1. On his arrival, he said he was carrying “a message of European unity” and “support” to kyiv, and wished “that Ukraine could resist and win”.

His absence between the two towers is the angle of attack for the opposition in its guerrilla warfare against the outgoing presidential majority, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, leader of LFI and the united left Nupes, seeing it on Wednesday as the mark of his “contempt”.

Thursday on France Bleu, he however “associated himself with his message of solidarity with Ukraine”, proposing “that we avoid too much controversy”, even if “we can obviously wonder about the meaning of this trip”.

LFI deputy Alexis Corbière had pointed the finger a little earlier at a “communication operation” by the Head of State.

“Emmanuel Macron uses this posture of a warlord to try to have an influence on the legislative elections”, affirmed Marine Le Pen, even if the presidential finalist and RN candidate in Pas-de-Calais judges ” perfectly legitimate for him to go to kyiv and continue to have discussions with (Russian President) Vladimir Putin”.

“If we really want to reach an agreement, mediation, it’s not by staging”, launched the president of the Republicans Christian Jacob, while the ex-minister and mayor LR of Meaux Jean-François Copé castigates the “madness” of Mr. Macron’s “avoidance strategy”, which “let the extreme right and extreme left go up”.

The Minister for Europe Clément Beaune, himself a candidate in Paris where he is in difficulty facing the rebellious candidate Caroline Mécary, called for having “height of view and dignity”, arguing that Mr. Macron chairs the European Union until June 30 and “is not a candidate for the legislative elections”.

Left, right and far right had previously denounced the president’s statement on Tuesday on the tarmac at Orly just before his departure for Romania and Moldova, calling on voters to give him a “solid” majority and to make a “republican leap ” to avoid “disorder”.

Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne on Wednesday linked the “seriousness” of the international “situation” and castigated the “ad hoc alliance” of Nupes behind “the most extreme project, that of Jean-Luc Mélenchon”, “dangerous for our economy “.

“Scarecrows frighten sparrows, not enlightened citizens”, retorts Alexis Corbière, judging that “the chaos is them”.

The two camps also accuse each other of imitating former US President Donald Trump, known for his sensational statements.

Mr. Beaune criticized Mr. Mélenchon for his “French Trumpism”, “screams” or “fake news” on VAT, while the leader of LFI, who had accused Mr. Macron of “Trump sketch ” at Orly, called on his opponents to “lower your tone”.

The debate therefore promises to be agitated Thursday evening on BFMTV between Budget Minister Gabriel Attal, outgoing MP LFI Clémentine Autain and the acting president of RN Jordan Bardella, especially as the surge in inflation places the question of power purchasing at the top of the priorities of the French in opinion polls.

“Mr. Mélenchon has a problem with the truth (…) We have no hidden plan”, reaffirmed the Minister of Economy Bruno Le Maire Thursday on France Bleu, while LFI accuses him of wanting to increase the VAT to contain the deficit.

“He is the one who has a problem with reality,” retorted Mr. Mélenchon.

According to Ifop-Fiducial for LCI and Sud Radio, the presidential coalition Ensemble! would get between 265 and 300 seats on Sunday, against 180 to 210 for the united left, ahead of the right LR and UDI (40 to 65 seats) and the RN (20 to 40). The absolute majority is 289 seats.

On the left, Mr. Mélenchon is on France Bleu at 1:00 p.m., and the boss of the PS, Olivier Faure, in Brittany to support the candidates of Nupes.

On the far right, Marine Le Pen, in Moselle with the RN candidates, hopes to reach the bar of 15 elected officials to form a group in the hemicycle for the second time in the history of her camp. During the proportional election of 1986 the FN of Jean-Marie Le Pen and his allies won 35 seats.

The right (LR and UDI) is counting on around sixty deputies to play the arbiters in the future National Assembly.