“Macron towards a narrow majority”, believes Le Figaro, under a front-page portrait of the Head of State looking into the distance, looking worried.

“Quickly a dam to hold me back!”, Says, in the cartoon of the Courrier Picard, an Emmanuel Macron struggling to float, caught in turbulent waters, under the mocking gaze, from the shore, of Jean-Luc Mélenchon.

“Abstention and indecision”, headlines La Voix du Nord, evoking the “doubt about an absolute majority for Emmanuel Macron”.

“The weakened majority”, soberly headlines the business daily Les Echos. “La Nupes is on an equal footing with the presidential majority,” writes Le Monde.

“Macron: A week to snatch the absolute majority”, predicts the Parisian / Today in France, under a portrait of President Macron surrounded by Jean-Luc Mélenchon and Marine Le Pen.

“Despite the breakthrough of Nupes, Jean-Luc Mélenchon is not in a position to claim Matignon”, predicts the newspaper.

L’Humanité has a diametrically opposed analysis: “Already, Nupes can be proud of having earned its stripes as the main opposition force. While waiting to perhaps achieve the historic and unprecedented feat that would constitute the return to the opposition of the newly re-elected President of the Republic. Or, at least, to deprive him of an absolute majority”, according to Sebastien Crépel, taking to dreaming of Jean-Luc Mélenchon at Matignon.

“A first half in the form of the third round. Last night, Jean-Luc Mélenchon had already won part of his bet: to establish himself as the central opponent of Emmanuel Macron after the presidential election. The boss of France rebellious to win next Sunday the showdown to which he forced Macron at the end of a thunderous campaign”, analyzes Franck Buchy in The Latest News from Alsace, for which all forecasts remain open.

– “Poker winner of Mélenchon” –

“From the Macron tsunami in 2017 to Mélenchon’s winning poker in 2022”, parallels Olivier Biscaye in Midi Libre, evoking “a France which turns its back on one to throw itself into the arms of the other”.

“Left the comeback”, title Liberation, opting for a photo of Jean-Luc Mélenchon with his arm raised, on Sunday’s election evening at the Paris headquarters of Nupes.

“An absolute majority will be difficult to obtain for Macronie”, which could end up with a relative majority, in the face of a virulent parliamentary opposition embodied by Mélenchon and his Nupes, rejoices the left-wing newspaper.

“La Nupes rejoices and defies Together”, writes Le Progrès.

“Unlike 2017, the hemicycle will probably no longer be in the hands of Emmanuel Macron”, also believes Stéphane Vernay, in Ouest-France, adding: “The Elysée will have to relearn how to deal with all opposition, to avoid blockages (…) which is not bad news for democracy”.

– Anesthetized campaign –

Several newspapers point to the lack of commitment of President Macron and his party as one of the sources of voter frustration and abstentionism.

“Emmanuel Macron’s strategy of anesthetizing the campaign by counting on the weaknesses of his opponent has clearly deceived no one”, criticizes Isabelle de Gaulmyn, in the editorial of La Croix.

“Emmanuel Macron, who surely thought he could slip through these elections, only mobilizing in the final sprint, is not certain of obtaining an absolute majority and having free rein”, sums up Florence Chédotal in La Montagne , welcoming Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s “tour de force” “consisting of going from third to first place in two months and setting up a Macron-Mélenchon match”.

“We know that the National Assembly will offer a much more marked counter-power. With, at best, a better balance, at worst, immobility and obstruction. Even the street”, continues the editorialist .

“Beaten and defeated, Macronie? Certainly not”, relativizes Christophe Hérigault, in the New Republic of the Center-West.

“Simply because the number of votes obtained in the first round does not necessarily turn into a majority the following week. This is also the main difficulty in apprehending a national election which is divided into 577 local ballots”, recalls he.

In any case, the emergence as “first opposition force” of the Nupes “could considerably change the atmosphere within the hemicycle”.