“We are at the time of choices and the big choices are never made by abstention. I therefore appeal to your common sense and to the Republican start”, he declared on the tarmac of the airport. , believing that “on Sunday no voice should be missing from the Republic”.

“Neither abstention, nor confusion, but clarification”, he proclaimed in a solemn tone, before going to a NATO base in Romania to greet the 500 French soldiers who are deployed there and to carry out a support visit to Moldova and a possible trip to kyiv.

“I want to convince you today to give the country a solid majority on Sunday,” said the head of state, explaining that he “needs a solid majority to ensure order outside and inside. within our borders”.

“Nothing would be worse than adding a French disorder to the world disorder”, he warned, calling for “with force and firmness freedom, equality, fraternity, secularism”.

“We must defend our institutions against all those who challenge them and weaken them,” he added, seeming to target the RN and Nupes oppositions.

He assured to have heard “the difficulties which were expressed” during the first round of Sunday where the outgoing majority arrived neck and neck with the Nupes in front of the National Rally, a result which does not guarantee that the Head of State can count on an absolute majority during its second five-year term.

“Faced with the crises that are sure to arise, nothing would be worse than losing ourselves in immobility, in blocking, in postures,” said Mr. Macron

“For that we need a solid majority to guarantee our independence”, he insisted, in front of the plane which takes him on his first tour in the south-east of Europe directly affected by the invasion of Ukraine at the end of February.