While the head of state called for “a republican leap” for the second round of legislative elections on Sunday, during a speech from Orly airport from where he was flying to Romania and Moldova, Jean-Luc Mélenchon estimated on his blog that “the blow of the speech on the tarmac is missed after so many others”.

“I hardly dare to say that it’s warmed up considering the temperature. This Trump sketch to warn against the enemy within is the symbol of an era”, lamented the leader of the New Popular Ecological and Social Union (Nupes), believing that “Macron is sinking. At the ballot box, except among those over sixty. In the polls and in authority over his people, the flag is at half mast”.

The national secretary of EELV Julien Bayou, for his part said he had “the impression that we have a president who simply loses his nerves and who shows great excitement”.

For him, “there is a kind of panic that is spreading to Macronie, but above all because Emmanuel Macron’s mandate simply did not convince, he was re-elected by default”.

But Julien Bayou judges “really dangerous that the president finally can say to himself that if he is beaten, it is the Republic which is beaten. There is something very arrogant, very Jupiter, (…) a drift in fact. It happens to lose elections and if obviously LREM is beaten on Sunday, it will only be a defeat, in no way a problem for democracy, for the Republic, “insisted the environmental leader.

According to him, it will be “perhaps even good news, because, for wages, for public services, for the climate, we will finally be able to act”.

For the leader of the communists Fabien Roussel, “It smells of the fir tree and the panic on board”. “Still zero commitment for the French, salaries and pensions. Only words to scare. We no longer want your majority and your social disorder. We want better days, progress and justice!”, has he tweeted.