● Anecdotal

Did you know that Leonardo imagined rebus and riddles? He may be the architect of the staircase in the Chambord castle? That Andy Warhol has created a cycle of works inspired The last Supper ? Hayley Edwards-Dujardin replied lightly (and with many graphic clear) to forty questions léonardesques ( this is art , available in bookstores on April 3, Oak, 108 p., 14,90 €). Lacking, however, is the last date of the most unusual: the Tuscan was suffering-he of strabismus? A positive response in the latest issue of the English magazine Jama Ophthalmology , according to Christopher Tyler of the school of optometry and vision sciences, the City University of London.

● Spectacular

Moves a magnifying glass on the two dozens of painted works attributed to Leonardo. Few texts (by Stefano Zuffi), but expansions of striking. Leonardo da Vinci the detail (Hazan, 224 p., 39,95 €). And, The Éditions de la Martinière: Leonardo da Vinci. All …

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