In the framework of the 500 years of the death of Leonardo da Vinci, here may be the exposure of the most offbeat. It does not include any master’s work, nor even the slightest of his drawings. The subject had never been treated, which is an achievement in both the field of research vincienne seems hackneyed. The theme? Why it is thought that the Tuscan has rendered his last sigh in the arms of François Ier, then, that this idea is completely false?

Response in situ,on the first floor of the castle of Amboise, a royal town where Leonardo spent his last days and was buried with great pomp. The course revolves around a painting by François-Guillaume Ménageot (1744-1816). This large format (280 × 357 cm), order of the director of the Bâtiments du roi to Louis XVI, made in 1781, is known. However, it had to be that it is the way of the small municipal museum it was filed and that he has had a restoration for it to be rediscovered. It is in …

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