And if Leonardo DiCaprio was saving the “pearl of Siberia”? It is in any case the fol espoir, which currently hosts many Russian users of Instagram. The account of the Hollywood star is in the last few days swamped with calls for assistance of users. They are pleading for help to preserve the lake Baikal, Unesco site.

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one of the largest reserves of fresh water on the planet, it hovers over the lake a great threat caused by the peaks of tourist traffic and pollution is growing. Although it is home to a wildlife rarity, he runs great risk today: the algae multiply and the fishing is increasingly restricted, disrupting the balance of indigenous.

As a result, many environmentalists apostrophent the star of 44 years commenting on her posts on the social network using the hashtag #savebaika l , or by various messages such as: “Levushka (Russian translation of Leonardo, ED )! Save our Baikal! We ask you fraternally by the hand of the all-Russian.” On another account, looking closely at the news of the Russian city of Ulan-Ude (near the Lake) called the “eco-warrior” is represented by a mount holding time, such a savior:

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The Russians seem so much to rely on Leonardo DiCaprio for at least two reasons. The first is linked to his ancestry: the actor is Russian-born mother, Irmelin Idenbirke. The companion Cami Morrone has repeatedly said they feel half-Russian. In the country where The Revenant had broken records, it is very popular. But there is not that the origins or the charisma of the actor in the last movie of Tarantino’s which are of interest to the defenders of lake Baikal.

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If the requests are flocking on his own account, that is also because DiCaprio is a passionate defender of the environment. After the global success of Titanic in 1997, he created his foundation to support organizations and projects which promote the sustainable development of the planet. For more than twenty years, he has multiplied the initiatives projects related to his shooting of films and galas charity. If it has not yet responded to the flood of messages in cyrillic, it is not impossible to imagine that the actor wants to commit to preserve the lake 600 kilometers long, the reservoir is indispensable to our dear blue planet.

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Focusing on never-before-seen solutions to the environmental crisis, #IceOnFire, which I produced and narrated, premieres June 11 at 8PM on @hbo.

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