This is more than what will pay of France, and almost one-half of the amount advanced by the United Kingdom. With a promise of five million dollars for the victims of the fires in the Amazon, Leonardo DiCaprio ranks amongst the largest donors in the world. It must be said that this represents only one-third of the seal affected by the actor for his role in Once upon a time… in Hollywood , the latest film from Quentin Tarantino.

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“After you went to Amazon, and have stayed there, to know not only the importance that the forest has for the stabilization of the climate, but also in the beauty of the biodiversity and cultures that live here, I find that it’s incredibly tragic,” said the actor about the fire.

The ladies ‘ man of Titanic was founded last July the foundation Earth alliance, along with philanthropists, Laurene Powell Jobs and Brian Sheth. Its page on Instagram, Leonardo DiCaprio announces that it has launched the Amazon Forest Fund, “the first initiative of the new Earth Alliance”. “The fund is set up to help the local partners and indigenous communities in the front line to protect the Amazon,” he writes.

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Yesterday, we launched the Amazon Forest Fund, the first initiative from the newly formed @EarthAlliance. The fund was set up to help local partners and the indigenous communities on the front lines protecting the Amazon. Please follow @EarthAlliance to stay up to date with the action taking place and for further ways that you can help support. You can get involved and donate right now at (#linkinbio) Photo: @chamiltonjames, 2017

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A commitment to old

On the site of the Earth Alliance, everyone is invited to make a donation. The foundation claims “to support the local organizations fighting the fires, protecting indigenous lands, and help communities impacted”. This project, which intends to act concretely in favour of the planet, is part of a commitment oldest of the actor. In 2007, he produced a documentary on the impact of human life on the ecosystem. The 11th Hour also offered solutions to change the course before it is too late.

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For several years, Leonardo DiCaprio multiplies the messages in favour of biodiversity and the fight against global warming on the social networks. Since its launch in 1998, the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation has awarded more than $ 100 million in grants to projects around the world, according to Variety.