This is the most performed play of Molière. There are several understandable reasons for this: a brat of Scapin, who lies, steals, and puts the fingers in the pots of jam, the simplicity of the plot, its dimension farcesque, of the characters to the limit of the archetype… All things that allow companies to “young audience” to have fun in the fun, bringing young people of each generation from their side.

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Is this a reason for a staging, even inventive and dynamic, a hidden room? One can wonder with what we offers the company The Eternal Summer and its director. That matter Molière, long live Emmanuel Besnault! Not that the room is totally distorted (it tells the story of a rogue who détrousse two fathers for the happiness of the son), but it is an assault of ideas stage a little clumsy, facilities and winks. The five actors play music, dance, running, losing breath, make gestures, judgments on image and flirt with the commedia dell’arte.

This is the cool and vain, the piece being thus reduced to a canvas. Certainly, we repeat, Les fourberies de Scapin is not a masterpiece, but Molière, all the same, wanted to get out of the caricatures of commedia dell’arte. Here, he plunges the nose!

“Les fourberies de Scapin” service of light. 53, rue Notre-Dame-des-Champs (Life).
Tel.: 01 45 44 57 34. Hours: of the mar. at the sam. at 20 h , sun. 17 h.
Duration: 1: 15 pm. Until 6 jan. (except 25 and 31 dec.). Seating: of 11 to 26 €.