In the Internet appeared the petition with the requirement to discharge the press-Secretary of “Rosneft”, a leading Federal TV and radio stations, Mikhail Leontiev from all posts and check out his words on extremism.

Appeal to the head of the Federal Agency for youth Affairs, the head of “First channel”, the head of the UK Russia and Rosneft.

the Petition came after the statements of Leontiev in a speech on radio station “Vesti FM”. He said that it is necessary “to deprive youth of voting rights in the near future, because otherwise we will lose the country”. “Today’s youth do not need to suffrage, because the youth is a painful condition that passes with age,” — said Leontiev.

His statement caused in the Network and the expert community scandal.

the authors of the petition called the statement of Leontief immoral and illegal. He “hints at a low level of education and awareness of young people, thereby insulting her”. “It turns out, according to Leontiev, the youth need to have all the responsibilities to bear the legal responsibility, work, pay taxes, serve in the army — but do not have the rights to determine the fate of his country?” — puzzled the authors, reminding that Leontiev had previously distinguished controversial statements — for example, he publicly called the head of the Republic Khakassia “open moron.”

“It is time to call Mikhail Putin accountable for his words”, — stated in the petition. It noted that the statement by Leontiev about young people covered by the criminal code of the Russian Federation, and the investigators shall conduct a review of words on the subject of extremism, and to address the issue of bringing him to justice.

“Finding people with such a fierce hatred of youth, and therefore to the future of the country, in leadership positions in the methe dia and the state corporations is immoral and unacceptable. Such people should not determine public opinion,” summarize the authors of the appeal urge Leontiev to deprive all of his public posts.

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