Montmartre at that time hung still, perhaps, his lilas and Charles Aznavour in the early 1960s knew that he would soon be at the top of the poster. On June 28, the house Cornette de Saint Cyr would revisit the Bohemian secret of the great singer by selling at auction the love letters he wrote to Claude muscle structure running, a young woman he had met in the backstage of the Alhambra in 1958.

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forty-two autograph letters, nine postcards and nine telegrams Charles Aznavour wrote to Claude muscle structure running say a lot of his most intimate feelings. Written in a plane, in the room of a small hotel after a recital, or on a boat, they will be sent to the four corners of the world. Romance of letter-writing makes us and travel to Knokke-le-Zoute, to Venice via Brussels and the beaches of Copacabana. The words chosen are reminiscent of the most beautiful verses of his songs, which knew so well to describe the greatness and the littleness of the love.

“In my room, what it lacks is a picture of you.”

Charles Aznavour

The épistole that he sent to New York in 1961, irresistibly evokes his masterpiece Dying to love : “The years pass, the hotels remain standing as memories on the memories. Without memory the stone was not and the stone us even less than the other. Me as yesterday, as tomorrow, as always I push the time. I the crack to pass through. But finally my not always pose in my old footsteps. I kiss you.”

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The nostalgic, all those who know that we are talking here about a time that less than twenty years can not know, relive through this correspondence the life of a clown that crossed then at the end of a gala or a movie shoot of holy monsters that had the name Lino Ventura, Gibert Bécaud, Eddie Barclay, Johnny Hallyday. Any a time.

But in this whirlwind, he will never forget the one he loved and to whom he confided: “In my room what he’s missing is a photo of yourself. It may be bourgeois like design. But it doesn’t bother me to be. When it comes to the things or people I love.” The Bohemian, always…

La Bohème Charles Aznavour