The two other components of the New Popular Ecological and Social Union (Nupes), the Socialist Party and the French Communist Party, will inaugurate theirs on Friday in Blois and Strasbourg.

The Insoumis proclaim every year that they organize in Châteauneuf-sur-Isère (Drôme) “the political event of the start of the school year”. This year, this assertion weighs more thanks to the first place on the left of their champion Jean-Luc Mélenchon in the presidential election of April (22%).

Their impetus of negotiations with the PS, EELV and the PCF, which led in May to the creation of the New Popular Ecological and Social Union (Nupes) for the legislative elections, established their domination and their central place.

They intend to reinforce it during four days of conferences and debates, culminating in the meeting of Jean-Luc Mélenchon on Sunday at 10 a.m., where partners from Nupes will speak.

Thursday afternoon, a conference will bring together the main negotiators of these agreements, in order to redo the film of these historic days and nights when the radical left brought together the other lefts, including PS.

The “Amphis” sign the media and political return of Jean-Luc Mélenchon, who is no longer a deputy and therefore did not take part in the very popular debates on purchasing power in July. Mr. Mélenchon was then traveling in Latin America.

If it is – for the moment – not announced at the press conference of the leaders of the movement on Friday morning, it will certainly hold a conference on Friday evening in front of the militants: its “2022 assessment of the strategy of the citizen revolution”.

The “debates” with members of the government and the right, a way of affirming that LFI is the first opposition, will also begin on Friday, with the presence of ministers Marlène Schiappa and Clément Beaune.

– “Refound” –

Ecologists, gathered for their part in the city of Eric Piolle, will be more monopolized by their medium and long-term strategy.

Indeed, if the official program gives pride of place to the 23 elected deputies, then to the partners of Nupes and to Europe, the spans should rustle with conversations on the December congress.

Marine Tondelier, approached to run for the succession of Julien Bayou at the head of the party, published this weekend a column in the JDD calling for “refounding” EELV to widen the audience of the Greens, sounded by only 4.6% of their presidential candidate Yannick Jadot.

The latter, usually located to the right of the party, brought his signature to this proposal.

The left of the party also took a stand through the voice of spokesperson Alain Coulombel, who urged environmentalists not to fall back on identity debates and to cultivate openness, especially on the left. A position similar to the primary finalist Sandrine Rousseau, who could be represented at the congress by one of her relatives, Mélissa Camara.

The environmentalist pole, formed by EELV and its Generations and Generation Ecology allies, inherited the difficult to read result of the 2021 primary, which in the first round had torn it between four main lines of very similar weight: those of Yannick Jadot, Sandrine Rousseau, Delphine Batho and Eric Piolle.

The speech of the national secretary of EELV Julien Bayou, Thursday evening, should give the first leads. Skeptical of LFI’s proposal to renew Nupes for the 2024 Europeans, the Greens have not definitively given up exercising leadership on the left.