Anne Bourguignon, called Anemone, passed away Tuesday at the age of 68 years following a long illness. She made her debut at the cafe-theatre, in particular in the troupe du Splendid, with which she will play the unforgettable Teresa in The Father Christmas is a junk , on stage and screen. At the announcement of his disappearance, his former colleagues, against whom she was sometimes harsh critic, paid him tribute.

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“When we did The Father Christmas is a scumbag, she was perfect in Theresa, she was awesome in Therese, remembers Josiane Balasko on RTL. Anemone, we now have the vision of when she was older, it was a girl who had let himself go… It was a girl gorgeous, it had a lot of charm, it was hot…” The actress remembers also the game of Anemone: “It was an actress who had a presence incredible… It was someone who was very discreet in the end, I’ve never heard him say that she was unwell. Anemone, it was the memories, both happy and both extremes”.

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“Anemone… I’m upset by the news,” says Thierry Lhermitte on Twitter. “You were a great actress, may God keep thee. Farewell, my friend,” he said. “Very great sadness for the disappearance if premature Anemone,” said Christian Keyboard on social networks. “Memories together of moments of fun and laughter and exceptional, as well as with all the troop”, he adds.

“This is the first of the team is going, regrets, Michel Blanc . Yes, yes, it’s a part of me shaking, I do not hide it. When we had 25 years, they said one day there is a who is going to die the first, we do not know which it was… Now we know.” The actor also explained on RTL to be “pretty upset”. “I don’t know how to say because we lost sight of them for several years but we lived together was so strong, it was just the beginning of the café-théâtre,” he adds. It was very close at that time and so I’m in the shot… She has done wonderful things after, it was The Great Journey . It was a kind of genius in a crude comedy… When I’ve known it, it was a beauty… A kind of Arletty, she had this power comic, at the same time, she was very beautiful, very attractive, and very crazy, she was always very mad… She had an imagination absolutely bursting, she was anything but rational, except the routine.”

The director Patrice Leconte goes further. For him, “it was largely cracked”. “It was cracked, but it is a compliment because she was elsewhere, she was crossed out, but it is for that reason that we liked it, because it was non-standard,” judge he. The filmmaker, who has directed in My wife is called come back in 1982, the judge, however, that she has always been pro. “Of course, it was a person on but very very professional”, he says. As to the difficult relationship she had with her former colleagues of the Splendid, Patrice Leconte the minimizes. “It’s the same thing with Dominique Lavanant, it was love-friendship. It is reporting strong and obviously a little chaotic”, he said on RTL.