Alexander Dobrovinsky, a lawyer of the family of the driver of the courier who died in the crash with the “citizen poet” Mikhail Yefremov, called speculation information about that artist demanded moral damages in the amount of 40 million rubles.

“That’s a lie, fiction complete,” said the lawyer in “the nightingales Live”.

According to Dobrovinsky, he “cannot understand why and where it came from” reports that victims require the same amount.

Civil lawsuits against the perpetrator of the accident, the family of Sergey Zakharov is not nominated, he emphasized. While the victims in connection with the death of the courier are his wife, brother and two children, but civil wife, to which he left.

a Loud road accident with the actor took place on 8 June in Moscow. The SUV is running very drunk Ephraim went into the oncoming lane and rammed a van with Nazarovym. The victim died in hospital a few hours. Originally Efremov admitted his guilt and repented for was unforgivable, but then retracted his words.

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