“We oppose it for first and foremost climatic reasons, increasing air traffic will lead to an increase in greenhouse gas emissions while climate scientists are clear on the subject, they must be reduced if we want to limit the consequences of global warming”, denounced to AFP Capucine Saulpic of the Nada association (No to the expansion of Lille airport) at the initiative of the demonstration.

“We are also opposed to it because the consequences on the health of the overflown populations are enormous, there are impacts on sleep, an increased risk of cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases”, she added.

“Stop all airport expansions now”, could we read on a banner deployed by a dozen demonstrators on Saturday morning in front of the gate of the airport runways in Lesquin. “Stay grounded”, could we read on another banner deployed near the airport.

“In a context where there is an energy crisis, injunctions to sobriety, not only must we reduce, but above all we must not expand,” said Maider of the ANV collective, who did not wish to give his name.

On July 6, the prefect of the North, Georges-François Leclerc, signed the decree “constituting environmental authorization” for this project, which provides, among other things, for the expansion of the terminal, the creation of a new car park and the widening of the main runway, as well as a functional upgrade of the terminal and car parks.

The Nada association intends to file an appeal before the administrative court against this decree in the near future.

Sized “for an annual traffic of 1.5 million passengers when it was put into service in 1996 (…) with an annual traffic in 2019 close to 2.2 million passengers”, the terminal “reaches on certain days the threshold saturation, especially in the summer season”, according to the airport.

The growth scenario retained “targets 3.9 million passengers by 2039”, he specified.