Livinsky reported about measures on preparation of the electric grid facilities for the fire periods

General Director of “rosseti” Mr Livinsky during the coordination meeting with participation of the head EMERCOM of Russia Evgeny Senichev and the Governor of the Tver region Igor farm, with told about measures on preparation of the electric grid facilities for the fire periods, as well as specific events held in the Tver region. “The group of companies “rosseti” implemented a risk-based approach to determining fire resistance of regions. This allows us to effectively define a set of steps to ensure safe and reliable power supply of consumers”, — Livinsky said. Thus, the branch “rosseti Center” — “Tverenergo” in 2018-2020 years, planned and executed the clearing of more than 19 thousand hectares of extension and more than 2 thousand hectares of glades of overhead lines with voltage up to 110 kV. On measures to enhance fire resistance in 2018-2020 sent to about 1.1 billion rubles. The meeting expressed support for the strategy of “Russian grids” on the further consolidation of power grid assets in the regions of presence. This will provide greater reliability of supply and quality of services. The head EMERCOM of Russia Evgeny Senichev for its part, special attention was paid to the issues of interdepartmental cooperation in the organization of preventive measures and fighting of wildfires in the neighboring territories. According to him, the concern is the readiness for the fire season of ownerless power grid facilities, networks, SNT and small TSO. “It is necessary to consider network consolidation that will apply to all network assets common requirements for technical condition and reliability of electricity supply”, — stressed the Minister. The meeting noted that a flammable atmosphere develops in accordance with the long-term Outlook remains stable. “We have formed a multi-layered defense system from forest fires. On March 27, we introduced a special fire-dangerous period, it is saved until July 1. Ensured preparation of necessary forces and means, together with the heads of municipalities implemented preventive measures. This, in particular, helped to stabilize the situation with the burning herb,” — said Igor Rudenya. He added that he was allocated additional funds for the helicopters of the emergency situations to patrol the forests.

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