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Local historian Konstantin Zhukov on “Online jam session” tell cousin Ostap Bender performed the special mission of the OGPU

Local historian Konstantin Zhukov on "Online jam session" tell cousin Ostap Bender performed the special mission of the OGPU

local Historian Konstantin Zhukov on Monday, July 13, under the “shumoizolyatsionnogo Kvartyrnyk” will hold an online lecture “the Loud noise of silent movies, or as a cousin of Ostap Bender performed the special mission of the OGPU”.

the First half of the 1920-ies — the time of the extraordinary success of the young Soviet secret service, called the OGPU. The struggle against opponents of the Bolshevik government were not only operational game (the famous operation “Syndicate-2” and “the Trust”) and active counter-propaganda, realizing that security officers shamelessly represented the aggressor suffering from aggression, the provocateur is the victim of provocation, and leading subversive organization — a peaceful trade mission. One of the clearest examples of this is the film of 1926 “Career Spirite of Spandura” Leonid Utyosov in the title role.

Writer and historian Konstantin Zhukov invites guests of St. Petersburg Agency “Rosbalt” together to see this silent film and understand why the actions of the chief of the criminal police in Berlin, Bernhard Weiss became the reason of the diplomatic conflict between Germany and the USSR, whether it was a fake letter from Gregory Zinoviev English work, whether a writer, who wanted to shoot the Soviet envoy in France Leonid Krasin, was crazy, what he did in the rest of the former ataman Stanislau Bulak-Balakhovich.

in order to become a member, you will need to enter your contact details and pay via the link. The cost of the lecture is $ 100.

Attention! In order to successfully connect to the online lecture, you must download the program Zoom on your phone or computer.

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