A family reunited after the death of a father who scarred his children and their spouses, this is not a new subject: Odile Ehret had written Ulrich Helger in 1982, Yasmina Reza gave Conversations after a burial in 1987.

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years later, the fine and sensitive Arnaud Bédouet written Locally agitated. Yet a scene of reunion, of confidences, of the regulations of the accounts, revelations. Bédouet is not only an interpreter hairline and deep. He writes. It has the style. There is a little more than twenty years, Kinkali , fierce comedy on Africa, created in 1997, had earned him the Molière for best author and best play. More recently, his film Clandestine has been distinguished by numerous awards.

Comedy feelings

A brilliant performer, silhouette ado but face a little crumpled small sixty. He plays, he runs, he writes, he makes the synchro. In short, he earns his living, but he is someone who should have a place much more central in the contemporary writing.

We take the measurement with this comedy classic, wonderfully tasty for the actors who serve him. The public is delighted. Laughs a lot and is emotional. Out with wings and the desire to return to the theatre. Frankly, it makes the whole world of theatre that exists Arnaud Bédouet.

Attention! It is a comedy with feelings, a piece of fluid, with its facilities. A piece for actors and those who are gathered, under the leadership of Hervé Icovic who directed it, are great. In a simple décor and harmonious to Jean Haas: an old house, at the edge of the sea, in the Côtes-d’armor, with a beach, grey sky, seawrack and rocks, where the protagonists find themselves. Yves, Arnaud Bédouet, who could have become a writer, lives in this house, which has been the father’s death a few years earlier and who had left strict instructions about the dispersal of its ash…

let us not say more. The children are: Joan, Lisa Martino, the daughter-in-law. She left Pierre, known publisher, Nicolas Vaude. They have not seen for a while. Also arriving Clément, Thierry Frémont, hooked up to his laptop and tries to resolve some problems with his conquests, Boris, Guillaume Pottier, the younger, a dreamer. And the daughter of the family, Mary, Anne Loiret, energetic, and she holds a big secret as she recovered from the notebooks of the father. The mask of the ogre will fall while in the hollow is drawn a figure of the mother painful…

This is, as we have said, very well played. With an alacrity happy. All these actors are excellent performers. They have character. They have the energy, the sense of sharing. Each one defends with intelligence and grace of her character. A lot of spirit flows. We believe in their stories. The replicas are often funny. The public, as we have said, has great fun while being touched, sincerely. The beautiful book! BOOK >

“Locally agitated”, Théâtre de Paris, 15, rue Blanche (IXe). Tel.: 01 48 74 25 37. Opening hours: mar. at the sam. at 21 h , sat. at 17 h, and dim. 15 h. Until the spring. Duration: 1: 40 pm. Seats: from 30 to 43 €.