In addition to Eric Zemmour, Nicolas Bay, Guillaume Peltier and Marion Maréchal were present in the rain at the rally in Place Denfert-Rochereau, organized at the call of the “Institute for Justice”, a reputable association close to the president of Reconquête!.

“Rally for the victims”, could one read behind a platform. A banner “elected, you will be accountable” had been hung on the lion statue which stands in the heart of the square.

In the crowd, some demonstrators carried signs on which appeared the face of the young girl, others, the inscription “Lola could have been our little sister”, with a white rose in her hand, or even “laxity kills “.

“We want the death penalty restored for child killers,” chanted one of the participants into a megaphone, to applause.

The rally began with a moment of silence, then several people followed one another on the stage to discuss the case of other crimes “that could have been avoided”, for this rally that the organizers wanted “non-partisan”.

The RN, which was initially to participate in the rally, finally organized a minute of silence at the same time before the National Assembly “in tribute to Lola and in support of her family and loved ones”.

“The whole French nation was terribly shocked by this barbaric assassination” and “we are witnessing the crime too many, the one which now forces us to take effective action”, affirmed the leader of the RN deputies, Marine Le Pen, by refuting any desire for recovery.

“A minute of silence is never a political recovery, it’s a tribute,” she said after this rally which brought together deputies, MEPs and RN regional advisers.

In Lyon, more than 300 people gathered around 7:00 p.m. in front of the Rhône Assize Court, on the gates of which was attached a large banner “Justice for Lola”. After a minute of silence, participants laid white flowers at the foot of the gates.

“May you rest in peace, Lola, we will represent your voice in demanding justice,” said a participant in the rally, for which the traditionalist micro-party VIA69 had launched an appeal.

In Metz nearly 100 people, including some from local far-right groups (Cocarde Lorraine, Action Française, etc.), gathered in the evening and laid flowers and candles in front of the portrait of Lola, at the foot of of St. Stephen’s Cathedral, after a minute’s silence.

The circumstances of Lola’s death and the profile of the suspect, an Algerian national, sparked strong criticism from the right and the far right, who blamed the government for mishandling irregular immigration.

Elected LRs did not participate in Thursday’s rallies but their criticism continued, and the boss of LR senators Bruno Retailleau announced the forthcoming tabling of a bill to engage “State responsibility” when he ” fails in its obligations”, with possible “damages to the victims”, according to a press release.