London started to think about revising the program of the

In the UK estimated the extent of Russian penetration into public life and politics and called for a review of the program “Golden visa”, which prefer Russian oligarchs and other wealthy investors.

In a report published by the parliamentary Committee, noted that “the UK is happy to accept Russian money, asked a few questions about the origin of such significant capital.” The recipients of the “Golden visas” were insufficiently strict selection. This made a “contribution to the spread of Russian influence, which often involves malicious promotion of the interests of Russian government”, writes Bloomberg.

According to the report, one of the main measures that need to be done now, is a review of the visa program for investors and the stricter approach to the process of issuing Golden visas.

According to official data, over the past three years the gold visa got about a thousand foreigners, of which about 100 Russians. Additionally, the program attracts wealthy foreigners and allows them to move to the UK for three years and four months in return for investments in the amount of 2 million pounds.

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