London will publish a report on the impact of Russia on British policy

In Britain, has prepared a 50-page report about Russia’s intervention in the politics of the United Kingdom. Soon the document will be published, writes The Independent.

According to media reports, the dossier reads “on the Russian money pouring in British politics in General and in the conservative party and large transactions influence 2016 in support Brexit”.

Dossier produced in March 2019, and in October submitted for approval to the Prime Minister Boris Johnson. However, since December until the present time has not been approved by the Committee on intelligence and security, and without meeting this structure the publication of the dossier was not possible. It is expected that the appointees to the Committee will be named and approved on the next week. At the same time and will likely be made public report on the influence of the Russian Federation.

Earlier, London has imposed sanctions against 25 Russian citizens in the framework of the “Magnitsky list”. In response, the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova said that did not understand on what basis in Britain “are taken to designate the guilty, to determine punishment”. She called the restrictions “an attempt to interfere in the internal Affairs of other States and exert pressure on the Russian justice system”.

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