Lufthansa wants to reduce crew strength in smaller Langstreckenjets an employee. The so-called cabin leaders should be involved more in direct Service with, the company said. Earlier, mirror had reported about it.

The concept will be tested in coordination with the cabin Union UFO since 2016, a spokeswoman said. Now a Takeover for the Airbus long to be examined-haul aircraft A330, A340 and A350.

The Union does not want to accept the savings. We could not celebrate as a Premium Airline, and at the same time the Service smuggling, said the UFO Chairman Nicoley Baublies. At the same time, she accused the Lufthansa, to break with the Plan, applicable collective bargaining agreements. The company spokeswoman said.

In the workforce conquer great displeasure, said Baublies. In the coming weeks, we will cancel therefore, individual collective agreements, in order to quickly a possible strike readiness. “The company has lost a lot of trust, people are just pissed off.”