Alexey Baryshnikov from Nizhnevartovsk said in the interrogation that attacked a branch of alpha Bank in the centre of Moscow not out of selfish motives.

the Man without resistance pleaded guilty to hostage-taking threat, but stressed that his motives were noble.

According to the RF IC, the goal of the attacker was to “know the truth”, presumably associated with the pandemic coronavirus. Now the man to undergo psychiatric examination.

according to a source “Interfax”, the detainee “there are visible signs of mental illness”.

in addition, one of the causes of the incident could become the debts of the invader on loans totaling more than 1 million 808 thousand rubles. Officially he did not work.

According to the Federal bailiff service in respect of 34-year-old Alexis opened 12 enforcement proceedings in different regions of the country. It has debts in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous region, Saint-Petersburg and in Krasnodar. The largest amount, about half a million rubles, Baryshnikov must return in Sochi. He had previously been convicted for car theft.

Earlier Baryshnikov admitted that he had an extensive practice of drug distribution. SK filed a case on charges of hostage-taking (article 206 criminal code).

Recall that the special forces stormed the building of the Bank on a ledge after the man decided to take hostages because of debts on loans.

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